David Dagley
David was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and began traveling a few minutes later. Professionally he has worked in restaurants throughout the country. From Florida to Hawaii, Alaska to Las Vegas; he has had the opportunity to work in numerous environments and to serve many varieties of cuisine. In early 2007 he and his wife, Linda, began jònz Catering. Since then their Company has grown to include cafes in Tacoma and Seattle as well as continued expansion of their catering services. David functions as the executive chef and oversees the menu development and implementation at all of the jònz locations.

Rafael Nunez
Rafael, AKA "Mexi MacGuyver" because he can fix just about anything, has worked as a chef for over thirteen years. He was a fast learner from his on the job training and hasn't slowed down since. Specifically, Rafael works as a chef for the Seattle Corporate Office where he is responsible for ordering food, organizing schedules, choosing items for the menu and sanitation. When he isn't working in the kitchen, he is at home with his two, crazy biting Chihuahuas. Rafael grew up making pancakes with his mom and wanting to be a lawyer, but everyone who has had his food is glad he entered the culinary world instead of the legal world....thanks Mom.

Linda Dagley
Linda dubs her experience and education to the "school of life," of which she has spent 32 years in the catering and restaurant industries. She calls herself the "Head Dishwasher and Toilet Cleaner" but she does so much more than that. Linda works with the employees and clients communicating, planning and organizing. She uses her extreme multi-task ability to remember everything about clients and events. Her adventurous work ethic carries over into her love for food and trying new things. Linda in her spare time and with her spare energy has successfully completed the Susan G. Koman triathlon two years in row! She says she won't eat anything endangered but her favorite wacky food combination is peanut butter and cucumber chip pickles. Linda's lifelong hard work paid off when she and hubby David started Jònz Catering, and the rest is history.