Q. How much is my wedding going to cost?
A. That can vary widely based on the food that you order, the type of service, rental costs, etc;. We would be happy to give you a detailed estimate based on a short consultation with one of our staff.

Q. How far in advance should I book my event?
A. For a smaller event (25-100ppl.) You will need to book at least 48hrs. In advance. For weddings, holiday parties, and larger corporate events, plan on considerably more lead time. Most of our weekends book a month before the event dates. Summer weekends and holidays can book much earlier.


Q. What do I do if I need tables and chairs? Silverware? Plates?
A. We can facilitate any of your rental needs.


Q. Do you do wedding cakes?
A. No, but we can recommend some great local bakeries.


Q. Do you offer tastings?
A. We offer three free tastings per year. These follow shortly after the wedding expo's at the Tacoma Dome.


Q. Do you charge a champagne pouring fee or a cake cutting fee?
A. No. We charge hourly for servers and bartenders. We do not need to charge you again for them to do their jobs.


Q. How many servers will I need for my event?
A. For buffet style service you will need one server for every 30-40 people.